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My name is Liz Haley and I began Simple Sites Web Design in response to Prince George businesses that wanted a simple, yet effective web presence.

I began professionally designing websites in 1996, and since then have met hundreds of clients who want affordable, brochure-sized websites. I developed my concept of a user-friendly, mobile-friendly, search-engine-frendly "Simple Site", where I know exactly how long it will take me to complete each page. Therefore, instead of charging by the hour, I can charge by the page - allowing the business owner complete control over the final website price.

My Simple Sites are very down to earth, clear, concise and uncomplicated websites that simply get down to the business of selling your product or services online. Most importantly, they are easy to navigate since they all follow a "tried and true" structure that works well with prospective clients but also with the search engines. This website is an example of a Simple Site.

How do you begin? Once you have decided to go ahead with a Simple Site, you just need to send me your marketing materials (logo, business card, any brochures) along with any special requests, and I will put together the unique look for your website. I will upload it to a temporary location where you can let me know what changes you would like me to make. You would then send me the content for each of the pages, including any images you want to use. I can launch a website from concept to publication in less than a week. The timing is usually in your hands.

Are they expensive? They don't have to be - the final price of your website will be is up to you, since you pay by the page. And best of all, my pricing includes all taxes! Please click to my Web Services page for a detailed listing of my services.

A list of recently completed websites is below. You can read more detail on many of these websites on the Portfolio page.

Mobile Friendly websites have been identified below with this icon: Mobile Friendly!.
All Simple Sites launched as of April 2015 are written in Responsive Web Design.
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